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Pool Service for MA & RIAqua Med offers weekly, bi-weekly and monthly service on all above and in ground pools. We also offer installation and repair services for equipment such as heaters, pumps, filters, lights, liners, cleaners, salt generators, remote automation controls, safety covers and MUCH more! JUST ASK!

Keeping SAFETY in mind is always a top priority for Aqua Med. Have you ever thought about how safe your pools and it’s surroundings were for your friends and family? Let us install safety items such as covers, fences, monitors and even natural chlorine production.

Natural chlorine production promotes a much healthier and safer swimming environment for everyone. Enjoy more time in your pool. Imagine no more red eyes, no more dry skin, no more lugging around chlorine containers. Find out more about Natural Chlorine Production on the solutions page.

Pool fences are easily removable were your pool is in use, the fencing posts simply mount onto your pool deck, similar to a safety cover anchor; then the fence clips to each post for small area removal or an be rolled up for full removal.

Monitors are also available for motion detection of your pools water and surroundings, keeping your pool free from any accidents. These systems simply mount to your pool walls for easy installations for all applications. Find more information on the solutions page.

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