Pinnacle Leisure Fiberglass Pool

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 Pinnacle Leisure Fiberglass Pool

The embodiment of space has been redefined by the creation of The Pinnacle Leisure fiberglass pool. Collaboration of expansive planes and modern design speaks volumes to its potential both in landscaping opportunities and hosting a variety of exciting or relaxing activities.


Pinnacle Leisure Fiberglass Pools Schematic


LengthWidthShallow DepthDeep Depth
40'15' 5"4' 4"7'
35'15' 5"4' 4"6' 6"
30'15' 5"4' 4"6'


Sapphire Blue Leisure Fiberglass Pool ColorSilver Grey Leisure Fiberglass Pool ColorCrystal Blue Leisure Fiberglass pools color
Ebony Blue Leisure fiberglass pools colorDiamond Sand Leisure fiberglass pools colorAquamarine Leisure fiberglass pools color

The Leisure Pools SMART Color Range has been designed with dramatically reduced VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions, providing up to 50% less VOC emissions than standard gel coats making it better for the environment over traditional gel coats used in fiberglass swimming pools. Additionally, the gel coat has antimicrobial properties inhibiting algae growth.


The Leisure Pools Composite Armour™ swimming pool is a revolutionary advancement in composite fiberglass swimming pools. It offers the following unique advantages:

Testing shows that a Leisure Pools Composite Armour™ Full Vinyl Ester Resin swimming pool is 111% stronger than a standard fiberglass swimming pool.